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Welcome to DYA

Established in 1978 by founder David Youngson,
DYA represents wholesale suppliers
of giftware to the retail trade.

DYA was founded in 1979 by David Youngson. It was quite accidental, really - just a ‘70's hippie selling seaweed fertilizer and hand-crafted stained glass, later expanding to potpourri, picture frames and more. Regardless of what he was selling, David’s passion was anticipating the needs of Canadian independent retailers and guiding them to success, thus developing long-lasting relationships built on trust. Now, 40 years later, we are a team of two owners and a family of expert sales professionals and support staff who share that passion. We represent manufacturers of design-led high-quality gifts, home décor and fashion accessories. We maintain a roster of the best lines in the industry, curating retail programs that deliver great sell-through.

From our gift fairs to our road sales network and our B2B eCommerce platform, our mission is to nurture great relationships with our retailers and place the best products in their stores. We have a rep roster that is second to none and a customer service team to match. And while technology has simplified our processes and streamlined our paperwork over the years, we know it will never replace our people. Because as innovative as technology is, we believe you can't automate relationships and you can't outsource trust, expertise and experience. Our commitment to supporting manufacturers and retailers navigating a changing retail landscape brings us excitement for the future. We look forward to bringing you more of our best.


David Youngson Founder and President
Nadia Youngson V.P. Communications

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